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He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the
gospel to all creation. Whoever believes and is
baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe
will be condemned.

Gospel of Mark 16:15-16


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Joyce Meyer — Self-Confidence
0  2-08-2016, 02:58 PreacherPreacher: Joyce Meyer ViewsViews: 245
What's the only thing that impresses God? Learn the answer to Joyce Meyer's question and discover how putting your confidence in God will bring out the best in you!

Joyce Meyer — Self-Righteousness
0  21-07-2016, 18:00 PreacherPreacher: Joyce Meyer ViewsViews: 234
Why do so many of us try to earn God's love and acceptance when we already have it? Today, Joyce Meyer shares a message for both new and longtime believers in Christ.

Are you worried about your circumstances? Don't let the enemy steal your hope and joy. Learn why you can always be confident that God has a good plan! What exactly is the enemy's plan for you? Joyce Meyer teaches about the nature of Satan and the power we've been given to defeat him in our everyday life.

Greg Laurie - The Man Who Tried to Stop Christmas
0  13-05-2016, 23:48 PreacherPreacher: Greg Laurie ViewsViews: 366
Pastor Greg Laurie says King Herod was the man who tried to stop Christmas! Why would he try to derail such a festive celebration? We'll find out Wednesday on A NEW BEGINNING. It's clear insight on the holiday, perspective that looks beyond all those air-brushed Christmas cards.

Hal Brady - Why We Need Christmas to Come?
0  10-05-2016, 02:30 PreacherPreacher: Hal Brady ViewsViews: 348
Christmas is about God being with us. “And the word became flesh and dwelt among us …”( John 1:14).

Greg Laurie - The Gift of Christmas
0  6-05-2016, 23:43 PreacherPreacher: Greg Laurie ViewsViews: 326
For the Christian it is a gift that is carried in the heart. What is the gift? It's the gift of salvation, the gift of eternal life.

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